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  • about
    From coastal Maine, Miles & Fogg strives to translate the colors, shapes, textures and inherent paradoxes of the New England coast into a series of distinct and timeless furnishings and decor. Simple lines, sculptural forms, limited material palette and the play of light and shadow guide each creative decision. Miles & Fogg is moved by a singular vision, as well as the history and significance of materials used. Each piece is handmade, bound by a commitment to craftsmanship and artistic integrity.
  • custom orders
    All Miles & Fogg items are available for custom order in the standard finishes. Estimates for custom sizes and finishes are available upon request. Estimated lead times for custom order items are noted on tear sheets and individual webpages. Customization of an item will extend the lead time. Most items can be rushed at a 25% upcharge. Custom orders are initiated, and lead time begin when a purchase order and 50% non-refundable deposit have been received, and when all design details are finalized and approved. This includes the production and approval of finish samples, relevant drawings and the receipt of COM, where applicable. Custom order items are handmade, and as such, variations in finish and technique should be expected. No returns or exchanges are permitted. Custom orders are final sale and cannot be canceled. A balance invoice will be issued approximately three weeks prior to the estimated completion date. Completed orders will be shipped or released to shippers once the balance is paid in full.
  • terms and conditions
    All sales, both custom order and in-stock, are final. Orders of in-stock items require payment in full prior to shipping. Prices do not include shipping, packing, crating or installation. In stock items are sold as-viewed in a showroom or on our website. Additional images and item-specific descriptions are available upon request. Cancellations must be made within five business days of receipt of payment. Any item that has been paid in full but not collected within 60 days will be considered abandoned and any and all payments non-refundable. Custom orders that have been completed for more than 30 days, but not paid for, collected and/or approved for shipping, will be moved to storage. A storage fee of $100 per month will be charged up to 120 days, at which point the order will be canceled and the product will be reallocated. Miles & Fogg is not responsible for installation, reinstallation, restoration or repair costs. Light fixture warranty is guaranteed for one year after delivery, which includes repair or replacement of defective product and/or components, not installation. The light fixture warranty may be forfeit if any damage is caused due to improper care methods, improper installation or assembly by customer or outside parties. The light fixture warranty may also be forfeit if any fixture or component is damaged due to incorrect lightbulb usage or wattage, any damage caused by unsuitable weather or improper environments or any damage caused by parts purchased separately from the product that are added to the product.
  • shipping
    Customers are responsible for shipping costs. Formal quotes for shipping are available and honored for 60 days. Please thoroughly inspect items upon delivery. Document and report any damage within 7 business days of receipt of an item, and prior to installation. Please retain all packaging and include clear images of damages and packaging along with an explanation of the occurrence. Failure to return packaging may invalidate the claim. Miles & Fogg will not be held liable to any damage or imperfections noted on chandeliers after installation.
  • product care
    All Miles & Fogg items are sealed with an interior latex based clear coat unless otherwise noted. Exterior based clear coats are available, but do not guarantee suitability of an item for exterior use. All table lamps and some tabletop items have cork or felt on the underside for additional protection. All mirrors have felt or clear polyurethane bumpers on the back for protection against walls. As with any other home furnishing, a reasonable amount of care should be used when handling. Chips and dings can and will occur when force is used against an item. Sharp or abrasive items will scratch surface finishes. Coasters are recommended for use on tabletops. A soft, dry cloth should be used to lightly dust items regularly. A soft, damp cloth should be used as needed. A damp Magic Eraser can be used to remove heavier scuff marks.
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