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Thank you for your purchase!

Every item at Miles & Fogg is made and finished by hand and is one of a kind.  We are artists and artisans who take pride in the individuality of each item we make. To ensure the longevity of your unique item, please reference the below notes regarding care and maintenance. 

All Miles & Fogg items are sealed with an interior latex-based clear coat unless otherwise noted. If your item is coated with an exterior-based clear coat, please note it does not guarantee the suitability of an item for exterior use. Bowls and vases are not designed to hold water independently of a liner.


All table lamps and some tabletop items have cork or felt on the underside for additional protection. All mirrors have felt or clear polyurethane bumpers on the back for protection against walls.


As with any other home furnishing, a reasonable amount of care should be used when handling. Chips and dings can and will occur when force is used against an item. Sharp or abrasive items will scratch surface finishes. Coasters are recommended for use on tabletops.


A soft, dry cloth should be used to lightly dust items regularly. A soft, slightly damp cloth should be used as needed. A slightly damp Magic Eraser can be used to remove heavier scuff marks.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions regarding product care and maintenance.

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